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A Design Film Festival 2017

A Design Film Festival (DFF), Asia’s first film festival dedicated to screening films that focus on design and its subculture, is making its return in Singapore for the seventh edition. Since the inception of DFF in 2010, the festival has seen over 100,000 attendees in more than 10 cities worldwide including New York, Portland, Berlin, Seoul and Bangkok. The 2016 edition of the film festival in Singapore was attended by a record-setting 11,700 people.

For 2017, out of over 150 submissions received, DFF will present a selection of 10 films that reflect the zeitgeist of the global design landscape. With 8 Asia Premieres and 2 Southeast Asia Premieres, the films span various disciplines including architecture, contemporary art, fashion, music, product design and typography.

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Founded and organised by design studio Anonymous, DFF remains an independent initiative with no corporate sponsorships or government funding.

We are proud to be a dessert partner for the event. Drop by for a scoop of ice cream before you head into the theatre.

20 – 29 October 2017 // Capital Theatre

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