Specialty Coffee

Explore our Neighbourhood Blend

Even though Creamier’s core focus is on our handcrafted ice creams, we really love our coffees too. We believe that every offering within our cafe must be of quality and well-made. Our coffee beans are purveyed from Papa Palheta (PpP) – one of the pioneers in the local third-wave coffee scene. PpP focuses on sourcing from grower-produced farms, roasting with micro production methods and carefully profiling their beans to bring out the best of the coffee qualities.

Our Neighbourhood blend served at Gillman Barracks is a custom blend created with Pacum Estate Bourbon and Ethiopian Suki Quoto. The coffee profile is medium body with a right balance of chocolate and fruity aftertaste. Tasting notes include floral, mandarin orange and cacao.

We highly recommend trying it as an Affogato with a scoop of ice cream. Check it out when you drop by Gillman Barracks.

[Photo Credits: Papa Palheta]


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