Ever had a Cake Tart?

What is a cake tart? The idea came up one day as we were brainstorming for a new warm product that would pair well with our ice creams, keeping in mind that the end result, when eaten together, wouldn’t be cloyingly sweet. 

Hence, the birth of Creamier’s handcrafted Dark Chocolate Cake Tart with Miso Caramel Praline, a hybrid of a pastry and a sponge cake—possibly the first of its kind in the market. A dense sponge cake made with premium French butter and 55.5% dark couverture chocolate is encased by a crisp tart shell, topped with roasted hazelnuts, and drizzled with a sauce made with caramel and Akai miso from Japan.

This yields a deep, intensely chocolate treat that plays with different textures and flavours. The umami from the Akai miso adds more depth to both chocolate and caramel flavours, making it the perfect match for our handcrafted ice creams. 

While these tarts are freshly baked and available in limited servings at our Gillman Barracks store, stay tuned as we will be rolling them out in our Tiong Bahru outlet very soon.

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