Pulut Hitam

One of our Throwback Flavours that is making a comeback in our shops is Pulut Hitam, a classic Peranakan dessert made with home-cooked black glutinous rice and coconut milk.

Palm sugar or cane sugar is used to sweeten the concoction, and it is usually served warm. 

Our Pulut Hitam ice cream brings about a lot of nostalgia to Singaporean locals, more so for us at Creamier, as this flavour was last sold in shops last 2012. It’s truly a remarkable Asian delight that’s truly satisfying. 

The black rice provides the ice cream with a nice toasty flavour and a stickier texture compared to the usual white rice. A generous splash of coconut milk evens out the sweetness of this delicious creation, as well as highlighting the tasty rice flavour. It’s a flavour that we thought of bringing back to our selection of rotating ice creams to pay homage to local desserts and tastes. Give it a go when you see it in our shops!

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