You may have noticed that we have various methods of preparing our coffees in all three of our stores.

For example, our Toa Payoh and Gillman Barracks shops both make use of espresso-based coffees, whereas in our Tiong Bahru store, we took a slightly different approach and opted for purely pour-overs instead (this means there are no coffee drinks with milk in our Tiong Bahru store). You may wonder then what the difference is between espressos and pour-over coffees.

When we pull shots on our espresso machines, highly pressurised hot water is forced through the coffee grounds, resulting to a super-concentrated shot. In terms of flavour, espressos are usually bolder and stronger.

Adding milk mellows down the intensity of the espresso’s taste (whether you have it as a Cappuccino, Latte, or Flat White), and makes it easier on the palate. Espresso-based coffees are served in both our Toa Payoh and Gillman Barracks shops.

Pour-over coffee, on the other hand, may take a bit longer to prepare but is simpler as an overall process. It involves hot water poured over a bed of coffee grounds and then filtered. As opposed to espressos that yield a more intense flavour, pour-over coffees drift more on the mellower side, allowing the drinker to explore the coffee’s different tastes, aromas, and flavour notes. Pour-over coffees are served in our Tiong Bahru store.

Whether you enjoy an espresso or a pour-over with your ice cream and waffles, you know which store to go to.

However, this is not to say that one type of coffee preparation method is better than the other. It’s all about providing choice and variety. In any form of coffee, it is still possible to experience varying tastes, aromas, and flavour notes—even with milk. The espresso’s crema, which is the tiny bit of foam on the espresso, creates a whole different flavour level to the coffee. For pour overs, playing with the water temperatures, for example, can alter the coffee experience altogether. The slightest tweaks can make big differences, and that’s one of the many beautiful attributes of coffee preparation.

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