#CreamierHandpicked: Plain Ole Chocolate

Starting this June, keep your eyes (and palate!) peeled for a special handpicked Creamier ice cream every month. It could be a flavour you’ve always had in your freezer; perhaps you’ve been curious about; or a pint you’ve always had your eye on, but opted for your “usual” instead.


The sound of deep, dark chocolate ice cream can either appal you or indulge you. In fact, there is quite a substantial amount of fear when it comes to chocolate (especially health-conscious grown-ups) as it may be “too sweet”—but not ours! In fact, our Plain Ole Chocolate ice cream is, really, anything but plain. It took us a while to nail down the recipe, ensuring each batch churned out has that lovely, nostalgic, and well-rounded chocolate flavour that is enjoyed by all. You’ll totally crave it on a hot summer day, or when your tongue tickles for something familiar and delicious.

Friendly on the palate and anything but cloying, our spin on chocolate ice cream has been a favourite of both kids and grown-ups alike. We’ve had massive pint orders for it, and we’ve got an entire family enjoying a scoop each during Sundays at our Tiong Bahru shop. We’ve also got a customer who would order a triple scoop of chocolate ice cream on his waffles! Now that’s a lot of love. Definitely one the flavours we’re proudest of, we enjoy it best atop freshly-prepared waffles or in a cup with our handmade caramel marshmallows.

When in doubt, choose chocolate.

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*Discount not applicable for in-store purchases and when purchasing collections.

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