#CreamierHandpicked: Summer Strawberries

The weather has been really playing games with us lately, but one thing we know to be true is that digging into a pint of strawberry ice cream is just like taking a bite out of summer’s best. This July, rain or shine, we got our Summer Strawberries on the front line as this month’s #CreamierHandpicked flavour of the month. It also complements this month’s collaboration with the cosmetics brand that’s all things pink—Benefit!

This tickle-me-pink favourite is made with freshly-picked sun-ripe strawberries and a generous amount of French cream. It’s a highly-versatile strawberry treat that matches most of our ice creams—a popular combination being Summer Strawberries and Roasted Pistachio. Personally, we love it with our Banana Chocolate Chip Crumble and Black Forest (extra points for that boozy kick!), but of course, nothing beats having it with our Madagascan Vanilla ice cream.

In fact, it was indeed paired with our Madagascan Vanilla ice cream recently in our Fresh Strawberry Meringue Sundae, which we launched last February. Now, we’ve taken it out of the menu for the time being (who knows, it might be back!), however, we still got loads of customers ordering the Strawberry-Vanilla combo as a double scoop!

Have it on your waffles or on the side with our Dark Chocolate Cake Tart (highly recommended), our Summer Strawberries ice cream is one that we are truly proud of—fruity and fresh with a smooth, creamy finish. It’s an affordable luxury that will get you singing “Strawberry fields forever…”


Treat Alert! Get 10% off our monthly Creamier Handpicked flavour when your purchase online! Just key in the code “CREAMIERHANDPICKED” when checking out and the discount will automatically apply*. Stock on pints now and get free shipping for orders $60 and above!


*Discount not applicable for in-store purchases and when purchasing collections.

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