Let Our Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream Take You to the Streets of Bangkok

If you prefer a stronger, punchier, and more fragrant ice cream flavour, you might want to give our Thai Milk Tea ice cream a shot. It tastes just like an ice-cold cup of Thai iced tea served in the sweltering hot streets of Bangkok, but the best part is, you don’t need to worry about the ice cubes diluting your drink, watering it down into a tasteless beverage.

A scoop of this bright-orange ice cream packs a strong, tea kick. There really isn’t a flavour we could compare it with as it is quite unique on its own. Rich, aromatic, and with a hint of smokiness, its base is made with sweet cream and a premium Ceylon tea brew.

During our research and development stages, we sampled a number—scratch that, we sampled a lot—of versions of Thai Milk Tea before coming up with the Creamier Handcrafted recipe, slurping a cup too many to find that perfect mix and balance. Some were too sweet, others were too strong, others were too milky. So, in our version, we dialled back on the sweetness and amped up on the tea flavour. The result was a smooth, creamy concoction that had just the right amount of earthiness, fragrance, and sweetness.

When it comes to flavour pairing, we always recommend having it with a scoop of Madagascan Vanilla for extra creaminess, and for something closer to the iconic Thai beverage, we also have a Thai Milk Tea Float that’s available at Creamier Gillman Barracks and Creamier Tiong Bahru. It’s a dream come true for Thai Milk Tea lovers.

And because it’s our Creamier Handpicked flavour this month of November, enjoy 10% off our Thai Milk Tea ice cream when you purchase online! Just select the coupon code “CREAMIERHANDPICKED” when checking out and the discount will automatically apply*. Stock on pints now and get free shipping for orders $60 and above!

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