Charmaine See and Her Four Years at Creamier

This 2018, Creamier turns 7, and to celebrate this milestone, we wanted to focus on several individuals who have helped shape Creamier throughout the years, seeing us grow into the ice cream brand we are today.

The “7 Moments of Happiness” campaign focuses on these individuals and their journeys in life. It’s a series of fireside chats with people from our community who have constantly supported us, and who have eventually become good friends of Creamier. Always be in great company.

You may remember this friendly face from our Toa Payoh shop. Charmaine See has been a huge part of the Creamier family for four years now as a Senior Crew Leader. She is in charge of ensuring the smooth running of day-to-day operations, while monitoring crew work and quality. A huge part of her role is also going the extra mile to bring forward the best service to Creamier’s customers. She’s been doing a terrific job so far, and today, she tells us about some of her happiest moments at work and in life. 

What does a typical day on shift look like?

As a Crew Leader, you have to be well-rounded in the different skills required to smoothly operate the shop. A typical day on shift would be taking customer orders, ensuring high service standards towards our customers, making aromatic and perfectly brewed cups of coffee, monitoring waffle machines to ensure our customers receive freshly-baked, piping-hot waffles on their table, checking stock inventory, and the list goes on. It can get quite overwhelming at times, especially when you have to juggle these tasks all at once, but with the help of my A team, we get things done in a jiffy!

What is one thing that you are passionate about?

Making coffee! I didn’t start out drinking coffee at first. Once my boss, Victor, introduced me to the world of coffee, my perspective changed. Now every time I get to work, I’d make sure that the coffee shots are calibrated to perfection, nothing less. I take pride in making a good cup of coffee. When customers know it’s good, they will come back for more.

What does a Moment of Happiness look like to you?

A Moment of Happiness for me is when customers actually take notice of the extra mile that I provided for them. Once, I served a cup of coffee to a customer, and shortly after, I asked the customer if I could replace a new cup for him as I felt that the milk was not hot enough. He said it was fine, but I insisted as I felt that the cup of coffee had fallen short of my expectations. After he left, he thanked me on social media – which I did not expect at all! It made me happy, even though I was just doing my job. That’s when I realised that a moment of happiness could be so simple and pure.

What is a work moment that you enjoy the most?

My favourite moment, or rather, moments at work, is being in the same shift as my colleagues. Since we work 4-5 times a week together, we have cultivated a strong relationship with each other and have become a big family since then.

You’ve been with Creamier for 4 years now. Given that amount of time, what is your ultimate favourite ice cream flavour and how do you best enjoy it?

Since I started working at Creamier 4 years ago, it has been that one true flavour: Sea Salt Gula Melaka! Pair it with some honey toasted granola as your topping and a bottle of cold brew coffee, and voila! The perfect combination! I promise it’s good!

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