From Osaka to Singapore: Arisa Matsuo

This 2018, Creamier turns 7, and to celebrate this milestone, we wanted to focus on several individuals who have helped shape Creamier throughout the years, seeing us grow into the ice cream brand we are today.

The “7 Moments of Happiness” campaign focuses on these individuals and their journeys in life. It’s a series of fireside chats with people from our community who have constantly supported us, and who have eventually become good friends of Creamier. Always be in great company.

Originally from Osaka, Japan, Arisa Matsuo recently moved to Singapore a year and a half ago to take up a post as writer and editor for Mangosteen Club, a Japanese magazine based in Singapore. She loves dogs, local food, exploring Singapore, chocolate, and ice cream. Arisa has been one of Creamier’s biggest media supporters, writing about our ice creams and offerings and sharing her love for handcrafted treats to the Japanese community here in the Lion City. Today, she sits down with us to talk about her move from Osaka to Singapore, and her passion for sharing her experiences to the Japanese and to the rest of the world.

What does a day in the life or Arisa Matsuo look like?

I love preparing bento boxes (Japanese packed lunches), so I make one before I go to work. Once I reach the office, I write and edit articles for the magazine, and I also find time to post nice things on my Instagram account!

How did you first hear about Creamier?

My first visit to Creamier was one night after a Popiah party at my friend’s house. We were craving something sweet, so my friend thought of heading down to Creamier.

What does a Moment of Happiness look like to you?

When I am having ice cream with my loved ones.

How does living in Singapore compare to living in Osaka? What was the transition like?

Singapore’s weather is warm all year long, as compared to Osaka, where we have four seasons. I personally like the tropical climate, especially those moments when I leave for work in the morning, and I spot many coconut trees around me. That’s my favourite part of Singapore. You can’t experience that when in Osaka. Also, Singlish is easy to pick up, and it’s comfortable to speak. It’s somewhat like the Osaka dialect. You could say that I got used to living in Singapore after three months here. At the start, I did not get it, but then, I gradually understood and accepted how things work here. As you know, Japan has many rules and orders. I prefer the relaxed culture here in Singapore.

Do you find the ice creams in Singapore different from those in Osaka?

Yes! Particularly in Osaka, not many places serve home-made ice cream. Most of the time, I would just grab those industrially-processed ice creams at the convenience stores or at big ice cream chain brands. When ice cream is not easily available, It came to the point when I would order a smoothie and pretend that it’s ice cream! That being said, I like it here because I can easily find home-made ice cream all around the island, where each shop has its own unique taste and flavour. The ice cream scene is much more exciting in Singapore!

What is your favourite Creamier ice cream flavour, and how do you enjoy it best?

Earl Grey Lavender! Of course with Creamier waffles—the best combination in the world!


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