Life at Creamier: Hui Yee Talks About Her Passion for Dessert

This 2018, Creamier turns 7, and to celebrate this milestone, we wanted to focus on several individuals who have helped shape Creamier throughout the years, seeing us grow into the ice cream brand we are today.

The “7 Moments of Happiness” campaign focuses on these individuals and their journeys in life. It’s a series of fireside chats with people from our community who have constantly supported us, and who have eventually become good friends of Creamier. Always be in great company.

Hui Yee is a gem of a person whose love for desserts really shines through her craft. Having been part of the Creamier team for two and a half years now, Hui Yee is responsible for ensuring that not only all Creamier shops have enough supply of ice cream, but also waffle mixes and other condiments needed for our other products are available. It’s a tough job, but she seems to glide through it with so much grace and good leadership when it comes to both kitchen management and production. Today, we sit down with Hui Yee and have a chat with her about life and her love for dessert—with some ice cream, of course!

Hi Hui Yee! Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do. 

Hello! I’m a commissary cook in Creamier, meaning I handle the ice cream production (and make the ice cream) for all three shops. I’ve always enjoyed baking with my mom in Malaysia, and I took up baking when I was 17. This love for baking and making desserts in general is what has kept me going in this industry. When it comes to Creamier, my responsibility is to make ensure a smooth ice cream production process and that there is always ice cream in stock. 

What does a day in your life look like?

During my work days, I’ll start with planning the production schedule for the ice cream and the waffle mix and making sure that all the ingredients and condiments are used up before their expiry dates. After that, I’ll begin the actual ice cream production with my colleagues, followed by preparing another production batch for the next day. Although my work keeps me busy throughout the day, I like to unwind with my family and enjoy dinner with them at night. Quality time with them helps me keep my life balanced. 

What makes you so passionate about creating desserts? 

I love making desserts because the result is always a reward. I’m really passionate about making the best homemade desserts that I can, whether it’s something simple or something complex.

What does a Moment of Happiness look like to you?

A moment of happiness is when I see people enjoy the ice cream or the desserts I make. It’s always nice to be appreciated for hard work! It means I’m doing a good job.

What is a work moment that you enjoy the most?

Discovering a new flavour or a new product! I enjoy tasting new products all the time and constantly being surrounded by desserts. I really love what I do because I believe ice cream brings happiness to everyone.

That’s awesome! We feel the love in the ice cream you make. So what’s your favourite Creamier flavour then and how do you best enjoy it?

Sea Salt Gula Melaka! The biggest reason is because gula melaka (palm sugar) makes up a huge part of my childhood memories growing up in Malaysia. I really like kueh and desserts dipped into fresh, warm, and sweet gula melaka.

I love Creamier’s Sea Salt Gula Melaka ice cream, especially when it’s served with Coke or with two slices of waffles. It’s awesome!


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