Just in Time for Spring: Honey Kumquat Sorbet and Watermelon with Soju

Spring is all around us, and with the change of the seasons comes a refresh of our offerings. Spring is the season of bright new beginnings, of hopeful and vibrant energy. As the leaves turn green and flowers reach their fullest bloom, colours abound everywhere. Have a taste of our new spring-time treats launching this February 2021 at all three Creamier outlets!


Honey Kumquat Sorbet


Packed with vitamins and immunity boosters, our Honey Kumquat Sorbet is not only bursting with nutrients, but also of fresh caramelised kumquats, mandarin oranges, and honey.

The festive kumquat is known to be fiber-filled and an excellent source of vitamin C. Paired with honey, which is a natural sweetener that is rich in antioxidants, this sorbet is definitely one to reach out for if you are looking for a refreshing treat. Contains egg whites and honey.

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Watermelon with Soju


Seems like everyone has their own favourite K-thing right now, and so do we!

K-drama fans, rejoice! We turned our favourite party cocktail into a refreshing treat. Crafted with a sweet watermelon base, this sorbet comes with a shot of soju for a light, crisp treat that comes in the perfect shade of tickled pink. Geonbae! Contains alcohol and egg whites.

Also, we have a bonus flavour that’s making a comeback this season!

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Thai Milk Tea


One of our most well-loved ice cream flavours is back!

Inspired by the famous Thai beverage, this fragrant and rich ice cream is made from a premium Ceylon tea brew and sweet cream.

If you prefer a stronger, punchier and more fragrant ice cream flavour, you might want to give our Thai Milk Tea ice cream a shot. This bright-orange creation made with a premium Ceylon tea brew and sweet cream never fails to remind us of walking through the sweltering hot streets of Bangkok with a cup of ice-cold Thai iced tea in hand. Contains dairy & caffeine.

Shop Thai Milk Tea pints in our online store.

Now available in our online store, food delivery platforms, and at all outlets. 

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