#CreamierCollab: Lemon Curd Matcha Croissant with Bakery Brera

Lemon Curd Matcha Croissant Ice Cream

A love for all things sweet and nice brought together Creamier and Bakery Brera for a special collaboration on pastry-inspired ice creams. We love the idea of having a croissant not just for breakfast or tea time but as a dessert at any time of the day like ice cream. And what better way to embrace summer than the cheerfulness of lemons and vividness of matcha!

Lemon Curd Matcha Croissant Ice Cream is a bright and tart lemon curd ice cream made with freshly squeezed limes and lemons, folded in green tea mascarpone mousse, and generous sprinklings of buttery flakes of the well-loved Bakery Brera mille-feuille.

Bakery Brera’s creation is a beautifully golden flaky Lemon Curd Matcha Cruffin crowned with lemon curd, matcha sauce, and matcha powder. Lightly toast the cruffin and pair it with our Lemon Curd Matcha Croissant ice cream and decide for yourself if you prefer it hot or cold! 

In this episode of our series: #CreamierandFriends: 

Recently we were lucky enough to invite Bakery Brera’s down-to-earth founder –  Thrina Low (on the left)over to share her thoughts and experiences.

Here’s a short excerpt.

What is your favourite ice cream flavour? 

“I love ice cream flavours that are citrusy and fruity with the usual creamy kind texture. This was one of the reasons why the Lemon Curd Matcha Croissant ice cream was created.”

What do you enjoy the most in running your own business?

“I do enjoy every bit of running this business so far even though it is just like a roller coaster. Looking back at all the times, I cannot imagine the journey we’ve been through. I’ve learned so much and I have definitely learned much more than during my time in corporate. I enjoy being the first direct impact to be able to assist, help and influence others, and to make a difference in people’s lives. After all, the business is very people-oriented.”

Why is the business named Bakery Brera?

“Several years back, we were posted to the Philippines for work. We met up with a friend who owns a nice deli shop. As the initial plan was to partner and collaborate with my friend, we got inspired by the name and eventually took it up. “Brera” is actually a small lifestyle town in a suburb of Milan. Being in Brera  – surrounded by quality food, a cozy atmosphere, and businesses which are very people-oriented, we feel that this represents exactly what we want to do for Bakery Brera. We want to bring something different, a little bit of Italian yet familiar to Singapore and the community that we are in. Therefore, this is how the name came about.” 


Watch the interview here: 

Don’t miss this limited edition treat that will be ending soon! The Lemon Curd Matcha Croissant Ice Cream is now available at both Creamier and Bakery Brera in scoops and pints. Lemon Curd Matcha Cruffin is only available at Bakery Brera. 

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