Pulut Hitam

One of our Throwback Flavours that is making a comeback in our shops is Pulut Hitam, a classic Peranakan dessert made with home-cooked black glutinous rice and coconut milk.

Ever had a Cake Tart?

What is a cake tart? The idea came up one day as we were brainstorming for a new warm product that would pair well with our ice creams,

Support Local

A Design Film Festival 2017

A Design Film Festival (DFF), Asia’s first film festival dedicated to screening films that focus on design and its subculture, is making its return in Singapore for the seventh edition.

Our Best Sellers

Roasted Pistachio

Our perennial favourite – Roasted Pistachio is made with 100% pure Pistachio nut paste from Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, where quality of ingredients and sustainability form the core of our producer’s business.

Specialty Coffee

Explore our Neighbourhood Blend

Even though Creamier’s core focus is on our handcrafted ice creams, we really love our coffees too. We believe that every offering within our cafe must be of quality and well-made.


A Crafted Experience

Exciting News: Be expectant for our new outlet that is opening at Yong Siak Street, a quaint residential neighbourhood that has over the years, evolved into a trendy spot that features independent retail shops and specialty cafes.


Moments of Happiness

As we bid goodbye to our exhibition with Urban Sketches, we welcome a fresh look with the new exhibition with Organisation Of Illustrators Council, titled, “Moments Of Happiness”.


Discover New Flavours

Being at the forefront of the coffee scene locally, Papa Palheta has always been inventive in its experimentation with highly-prized beans sourced from farms they have worked with closely for many years. Constantly innovating to effectively bring out the flavour notes of their beans, Papa Palheta has come up with a new composition that is … Continued


Cheese Caramel and Merry Berries, June – July

MERRY BERRIES First launched in 2013 as a limited edition festive flavour, Merry Berries is one of the two Throwback flavours for June and July. Discover a smooth and tangy blackcurrant flavour in a beautiful purple hue. It’s like Christmas came early. CHEESE CARAMEL Cheesecake lovers rejoice. We’ve brought back a classic flavour as part … Continued

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