Art Collaborations

Over our 12-year history, Creamier has also supported the design and art community in various ways. Our cafés have become part-galleries, hosting at least ten exhibitions across our five cafes through the years.

2012 x Degree
2013 x Holycrap
2015 x Urban Sketchers
2017 x OIC Moments of Happiness
2020 x OIC Moments of Happiness 2
2020 x Ronggy Butterflies of Singapore
2021 x Ronggy SG Locals
2022 x CatBee Anything Monsters

We've covered most of the setup and exhibition costs, and it's been a joy to see our cafés adorned with art that is various styles and mediums - be it quirky, calming or abstract, thanks to these collaborations. We're proud to provide artists and designers with a platform, where their talent can be appreciated by our customers.

Creamier will continue to be a place where art and flavour coexist, enriching the moments of happiness for everyone.