Indulge in Gourmet Bliss: Our Frozen Golden Waffles Await!

Frozen Golden Waffles

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Stock up on our signature Golden waffles and enjoy them anytime in the comfort of home. Recreate the Creamier waffles-with-ice-cream experience or be playful and pair the waffles with savory ingredients such as fried chicken or Parmesan shavings with arugula. Heating instructions here.

Allergy Concerns: dairy, eggs & gluten

Net Weight: 300g

A note about our frozen Golden Waffles: Each waffle is handmade in small batches; not machine-made, so you might notice slight differences in colour and texture. No two waffles will be the same. 

**All our products are prepared using all-natural ingredients and no preservatives in a kitchen where nuts, gluten, and other known allergens may be present. Ice creams are packed with insulated foam bags. No dry ice and foam box will be provided.**

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