July Monthly Special Flavours!

We’re making monthly specials a Creamier thing. So here’s July flavours!



Truly a match made in the heavens. This was a combination we didn’t know we needed till we tasted it. Equal parts savoury and sweet, it has a caramelly warmth that hugs the soul. 

Shop Toffee Buttered Pecans pints in our online store.


Mocha Caramel rocks

Dive into the robust essence of coffee-infused chocolate, complemented by satisfying crunches of salted caramel rocks and chocolate shavings. Expect chocolate, coffee, and caramel crunch all rolled into one.

Shop Mocha Caramel Rocks pints in our online store.


honey lemon yuzu sorbet

The weather lately has been unpredictable – with hot spells followed by downpour. 

On days like these, we turn to our Honey Lemon Yuzu Sorbet for a boost to our immune system! Refreshing and packed with much needed vitamin C.

Shop Honey Lemon Yuzu Sorbet pints in our online store.

Now available in all outlets!

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