Heritage in a Scoop – Creamier National Day Flavours for August 2023

As Singapore celebrates her 58th birthday, Creamier embarks on a culinary dessert journey that pays homage to the rich heritage of our nation.

By preserving the time-honoured flavours that have been cherished by generations of Singaporeans, Creamier hopes to transport patrons back to simpler times and rediscover the magic of local delights as ice creams.


We’re pleased to introduce our limited edition National Day ice creams – Waffled Putu Piring and Sesame Tang Yuan, and a Creamier Throwback flavour – Pulut Hitam.

Waffled Putu Piring

This season, we wondered if we would be able to capture the delightful flavours of a putu piring in an ice cream. So we waffled Bege Rack’s Chong Pang Putu Piring and incorporated it into our aromatic pandan-infused coconut ice cream.

The end result is a fragrant flavour with delicate rice cakes complemented by crunchy caramelised gula melaka and grated coconut.

Shop Waffled Putu Piring pints in our online store.


sesame tang yuan

Be transported to the heartwarming moments of special festivals and occasions in Chinese culture. Our Sesame Tang Yuan ice cream combines the nutty essence of sesame with soft bites of chewy, glutinous rice balls. Embrace the spirit of unity and togetherness of this beloved treat reimagined as a contemporary frozen dessert.

Shop Sesame Tang Yuan pints in our online store.


Pulut hitam

Our inspired take on the classic Peranakan dessert made with home-cooked black glutinous rice and coconut milk. 

Black rice provides the ice cream with a nice toasty flavour and a stickier texture compared to the usual white rice. A generous splash of coconut milk evens out the sweetness of this delicious creation, as well as highlighting the tasty rice flavour. It’s a flavour that we thought of bringing back to our selection of rotating ice creams to pay homage to local desserts and treats. 

Shop Pulut Hitam pints in our online store.


choco peanut butter pretzel

Also not to be missed – a classic flavour re-creation that everyone can enjoy. Creamy, plant-based OATSIDE oatmilk serves as the base, with swirls of velvety peanut butter. The real surprise lies within – salted pretzels add an addictive crunch to every spoonful.

Shop Choco Peanut Butter Pretzel pints in our online store.

Now available in all outlets!

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