A Creamier Staple:

What’s in our waffle?

“Crispy on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside” is how customers would often describe our golden waffles.

We’re quite proud of them and how they’ve built a good rep for our brand. Sometimes, we even have customers who order more of them on the side, or grab some in a take-away box!

Churning out quality waffles at Creamier requires a meticulous process of fine-tuning every little detail. From the use of quality ingredients, to getting the optimal timing and temperature right, every step of the process is crucial. We prioritise quality, so we use only fresh market eggs, full cream milk, and pure butter to create a waffle batter that has a robust eggy aroma. This results to our signature waffles that sport a crisp exterior and a soft interior. At the forefront of the dessert scene in Singapore, we attribute success to our dedication to the craft and to our appreciation of the process.

Our waffles at Creamier also have deeper pockets, thus being the ideal partner to trove our ice creams onto, without making a mess. Served with rich maple syrup and genuine chocolate sauce, our waffles-and-ice-cream pairing is a down-to-earth indulgence and staple that Creamier can proudly call as one of its trademarks. Have your waffles with a scoop or two (or five, even!) of our signature ice creams for a tasty and satisfying treat that’s perfect as a dessert or snack.

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