An Ice Cream Party Waiting To Happen!

The Creamier Happiness Box

A lot of heart goes into our handcrafted ice creams, making each lot extra special. So, we thought: why not brighten up everyday occasions such as office meetings, functions, and intimate celebrations with some Creamier ice cream?

Thus, introducing the Creamier Happiness Box. For just $88, you get a fun-filled box that comes with 5 of our handcrafted ice cream pints, toppings from Sunday Folks, as well as cups and spoons. It’s everything you need to have your very own ice cream party, wherever you may be, whenever you want it.

We know that the first thing that comes to mind whenever there are meetings or functions is to order in some food. But why not order in some handcrafted ice cream for a change? 

The Creamier Happiness Box is available for both in-store and online purchase. Feel free to mix and match for in-store purchases. For online purchases made through our webshop, kindly note that the pint flavours for the Happiness Box are already fixed, but we’ll throw in free delivery for you. 

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