6 Flavour Combination Ideas for Your Creamier Pints

If you haven’t heard the news, our in-store 4-for-3 pint treat has been extended until 3rd February 2019 (Sunday), which means you’ve got lots of time to stock up on free ice cream just before the Chinese New Year festivities kick in.

One thing that we constantly hear whenever we tell our customers about our 4-for-3 pint treat is, “What flavours should I get, then?”. And because choosing ice cream flavours requires a bit of reflection, just like when writing your thoughts in your diary or deciding what to have for lunch, we thought we’d make the flavour selection easier for you through some themed pint selections that you can use for your next 4-for-3 pint purchase.

Whether it’s for your own personal stash or to bring along with you to a celebration or gathering, we got you covered. And remember, there’s no such thing as “too much ice cream.” We recommend you jump in on this free ice cream treat right now before it’s gone! Here are six pint combinations for your next trip to Creamier:

1. The O.G.

The Mix: Sea Salt Gula Melaka, Earl Grey Lavender, Thai Milk Tea, and Plain Ole Chocolate

Creamier’s original four. Just like that classic 90s boy band you can’t get enough of, these flavours have topped the charts and stood the test of time. 

2. The Fruity Four

The Mix: Summer Strawberries, Honey Lemon Yuzu Sorbet, Mango Passionfruit Sorbet, and Raspberry Love

We know ice cream could be such an indulgent treat, so if you’d like to feel slightly better about caving into your cravings, at least these ones have fruit.

3. Lusciously Local

The Mix: Pulut Hitam, Sea Salt Gula Melaka, Japanese Green Tea, and Charcoal Black Sesame

A mixture of pints that take pride in our Asian palates, cultures, and heritages.

4. The Hot Shots

Contains: Roasted Pistachio, Sea Salt Gula Melaka, Summer Strawberries, and Plain Ole Chocolate

These are the chosen ones. The flavours our customers are always sure to have in their 4-for-3 pint sales. Based on data and lots of excitement.

5. (Almost) Dairy-Free

Contains: Acai Banana Sorbet, Honey Lemon Yuzu Sorbet, Mango Passionfruit Sorbet, and Pomegranate Yoghurt

An assortment of sorbets and a lone pint of yoghurt for your dairy-friendly pal who still wants to keep it kinda healthy(ish).


Contains: Madagascan Vanilla, Summer Strawberries, Cookies & Cream, & Plain Ole Chocolate

Getting ice creams for the little ones? Here are the tried-and-tested hits! Also recommended for not-so-little ones who remain kids at heart. 

Find a Creamier near you and get your free pint of ice cream!

*Kindly note that ice cream pint flavours are subject to in-store availability.

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