Our Lunar New Year Offerings Have Arrived!

As spring arrives, leaves start to liven with colour and a balmy warmth fills the air. The early part of the year is marked by the Lunar New Year, an auspicious period for Chinese calendars to usher in good fortune, bountiful health, and overflowing prosperity.

The city is quiet for a few days, as everyone gathers around indoors with family and friends, tossing a confetti of colourful edibles with long pairs of chopsticks. Outside, the occasional beating of drums and banging of cymbals reverberate as a red lion dances to bring in more wealth and good luck.

Inspired by both the advent of spring and the Lunar New Year, our newest seasonal offerings were created with a mix of tradition and celebration.

You may remember your grandmother brewing a familiar Chinese tonic made with dried longans, dates, and sweet goji berries. An iteration using the same ingredients is also commonly served with gingko nuts as a soupy dessert that’s eaten on the first day of the Lunar New Year.

Our newest flavour, Longan & Goji Berries 圆圆满满, was created with these traditional flavours in mind and churned out into a creamy treat. Dried longan from China is soaked and macerated into a cream base and then cooked to an ideal temperature of around 85 degrees; upon ice cream stage, the goji berries are folded in.

While the tonic itself is known to replenish energy and improve blood circulation, we can’t guarantee this ice cream does that, but what we can assure you of is that it tastes pretty darn good and is beaming with all the goodness of longans and goji berries.

For those looking to cool off in Singapore’s eternal summer, our Mandarin Carrot Sorbet 大橘大利 sports a natural bright orange hue (for good luck!) and also packs on fruits and veggies for a healthy start this year. It is created with tangy mandarin orange purée, freshly juiced carrots, and orange zest—an ideal palate cleanser to sober up your taste buds after all that feasting.

And to round it up, have a refreshing start to the Lunar New Year by tucking into our handcrafted Orange Soda Floats. Made with a fizzy orange concoction prepared in-house, have your choice of topping it with either our Mandarin Carrot Sorbet for Prosperity 金玉滿堂, or our Madagascan Vanilla Ice Cream for Luck 笑口常開!

These limited-edition festive spring offerings are now available at all three Creamier shops. Our Longan & Goji Berries Ice Cream and Mandarin Carrot Sorbet are also available in pints both in-store and online.

Shop Longan & Goji Berries Ice Cream here.

Shop Mandarin Carrot Sorbet here.

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