Roses are Red, Violets are Blue: Ring in the Springtime with These New Treats

Spring is marked by the blossoming of blooms, the shower of petals on the pavement, a light floral fragrance dancing in the balmy air.

And with the advent of this season comes two new ice cream flavours and a new handcrafted float, inspired by new beginnings and the frolicking of lovers in flower-filled meadows.

This February, all the way until March, we invite you to tuck into our newest seasonal spring offerings at Creamier.

Pistachio Rose

Roses are red.

Luscious and fragrant, our Pistachio Rose ice cream comes in a natural light pink shade and is studded with buttery roasted pistachios.

In Morocco, valleys and valleys of roses abound, and we won’t deny the fact that we drew some inspiration from the place. A flurry of romance awaits in each scoop.


Blue Pea Vanilla

Violets are blue.

Our vanilla ice cream this season packs on a beautiful blue hue, but not to worry! This is from an all-natural colourant brought by the vibrant petals of Blue Pea (or Butterfly Pea) Flowers.

We soak the petals in water to bring out its deep blue shade and use that to stain our handcrafted vanilla crème ice cream. Truly reminiscent of clear blue skies on a perfect spring day.


Blue Pea Lemon Drop Float

There’s nothing like a refreshing, naturally colourful cooler to wind down with during the warm afternoons.

Our newest handcrafted float, Blue Pea Lemon Drop, is an ode to nature’s unparalleled beauty, bursting of bright citrus flavours and rounded off with a scoop of our Blue Pea Vanilla ice cream.

These limited-edition festive spring offerings are now available at all three Creamier shops. Our Pistachio Rose and Blue Pea Vanilla ice creams are also available in pints both in-store and online.

Shop Pistachio Rose Ice Cream here.
Shop Blue Pea Vanilla Ice Cream here.
Visit a Creamier near you.

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