We’re bringing back our Throwback Flavours!

During the last few years of COVID, we had reduced our range of flavours due to the volatility of crowd and rapid changes to dine-in regulations. Now that we’re settling into an endemic state of living, we’ve been working hard to bring back many of our flavours that were well-loved.

We’ve heard the comments and suggestions, and we have four flavours that have made a comeback in all our stores!




Inspired by the famous Thai beverage, this fragrant and rich ice cream is made from a premium Ceylon tea brew and sweet cream. It never fails to remind us of walking through the sweltering hot streets of Bangkok with a cup of ice-cold Thai iced tea in hand.

Shop Thai Milk Tea pints in our online store.




Your shot of caffeine in a scoop. You can never go wrong with the classic combination of delicious dark chocolate and coffee. A delicious pick-me-up any time of the day. Only available in-store in scoops!


Japanese green tea


Using only premium imported Japanese matcha powder, we’ve combined the intense earthiness of green tea with a sweet cream base for a delicious and balanced ice cream.

Shop Japanese Green Tea pints in our online store.


Pulut hitam


Our inspired take on the classic Peranakan dessert made with home-cooked black glutinous rice and coconut milk. 

Black rice provides the ice cream with a nice toasty flavour and a stickier texture compared to the usual white rice. A generous splash of coconut milk evens out the sweetness of this delicious creation, as well as highlighting the tasty rice flavour. It’s a flavour that we thought of bringing back to our selection of rotating ice creams to pay homage to local desserts and treats. 

Shop Pulut Hitam pints in our online store.

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