A Year in Ice Cream

A Look Back at 2018: Your Creamier #2018BestNine

A new year always attributes to a blank slate, a new beginning, a chance to start over. Looking back at the year the was, 2018 was filled with tons of surprises, milestones, and opportunities to grow from both a personal and a business perspective.

In 2018, we created our very first sundae, introduced our handcrafted ice cream cakes, launched the Creamier Happiness Box, played around with some new flavours (which we’re glad you loved!), did an amazing collaboration with Benefit Cosmetics at the Sephora Playhouse, launched our online store, did some pretty fun workshops, collaborated with The Fullerton Hotel in coming up with an ice cream flavour for their modern spin on local heritage delights, opened our Tiong Bahru shop’s backyard, and raised over $1,000 for charity. However, the learning and the innovation never ends. This 2019, we’re doing some pretty cool stuff that we’re excited to share with you as the year rolls out. Each moment is an opportunity to do something amazing, and our mission to help create more moments of happiness with you has been our anchor for the past seven years.

And because #2018BestNine is still #trending, we thought we’d share with you the #2018BestNine Creamier flavours from the info gathered from our shops and online store because we like being geeky sometimes. We know there are some die-hard Sea Salt Gula Melaka and Plain Ole Chocolate fanatics out there, but this 2019, why not try something new?

Here is your Creamier #2018BestNine!


1. Plain Ole Chocolate

We’ve got to be honest with you, a lot of hard work went into making the perfect chocolate ice cream that’s not too sweet, not too cloying, yet pleasantly rich. What’s only to be expected in this handcrafted creation is a full-on chocolate experience. We don’t want to be biased, but this is really the best chocolate ice cream we’ve ever had.

Shop our Plain Ole Chocolate ice cream here.


2. Roasted Pistachio

Our Roasted Pistachio is loved by many, and with good reason. We think this is the realest pistachio ice cream out there because we make sure that everything that goes into this flavour is pure and all-natural. Our pistachio supplier in Italy is all about the goodness of raw, unadulterated ingredients, and we would be doing him (and nature) a great disservice if we didn’t create an ice cream that matched that level of quality. Smooth, creamy, and bursting with the taste of roasted Italian pistachios, this is one flavour we’re mighty proud of.

Shop our Roasted Pistachio ice cream here. 


3. Sea Salt Gula Melaka 

The flavour that put us on the ice cream map! Our Sea Salt Gula Melaka is the iconic Creamier Handcrafted ice cream flavour, which still remains a cult favourite even to this date. Sweet palm sugar (gula melaka) and hand-harvested sea salt from England are churned together to create this simple, signature flavour of ours.

Shop our Sea Salt Gula Melaka ice cream here.

4. Earl Grey Lavender

One of our signature handcrafted ice cream flavours, this light and fragrant ice cream is infused with French earl grey tea and hints of lavender. Each bite reminds us of beautiful spring days running across fields of lavender and then coming home for a spot of tea.

Shop our Earl Grey Lavender ice cream here.


5. Madagascan Vanilla

This was one of the toughest flavours to concoct, but we’re glad we managed to create a classic Vanilla ice cream that we are very proud of and happy with. Made with French cream, fresh egg yolks, and a generous dose of premium Madagascan vanilla beans, this is a classic indulgence that’s best on its own but also great when paired with any of our other handcrafted ice cream flavours.

Shop our Madagascan Vanilla ice cream here.


6. Cookies and Cream

A childhood favourite, our Cookies & Cream ice cream is made with an all-natural sweet cream base and tons of crushed Oreos. It’s your favourite Oreos-and-milk ritual translated into a delicious pint of handcrafted ice cream. Guaranteed to bring out the kid in anyone. 

Shop our Cookies and Cream ice cream here.


7. Thai Milk Tea

If you prefer a stronger, punchier, and more fragrant ice cream flavour, you might want to give our Thai Milk Tea ice cream a shot. This bright-orange creation made with a premium Ceylon tea brew and sweet cream never fails to remind us of walking through the sweltering hot streets of Bangkok with a cup of ice-cold Thai iced tea in hand.

Shop our Thai Milk Tea ice cream here.


8. Summer Strawberries

There’s nothing like biting into a ripe, freshly-picked strawberry on a beautiful sunshine-filled day. Fragrant, creamy, and with a tart edge to round it up, our Summer Strawberries ice cream is an ode to sunny days and a love for all things pink.

Shop our Summer Strawberries ice cream here.


9. Black Forest

Our version of this classic German cake is made with homemade chocolate sponge, dark couverture chocolate, and brandied cherries from France. This flavour contains alcohol for a boozy kick.

Shop our Black Forest ice cream here.

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